Villa Bernasconi - Beili Liu
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Sky Well - Fiber art is back in the villa
SKY WELL, the new artistic project, which renews the precious collaboration between the Museum of Villa Bernasconi and the Cultural Association ARTE & ARTE will be on display from 5 May to 31 August 2018. This installation by Beili Liu, a visual artist born in China, but has long been living in the United States, Texas.

Protagonist of numerous collective and personal exhibitions and winner of important prizes, she has exhibited her works all over the world, from China to Europe, from Norway to the United States and on the occasion of Biennials of contemporary art like that of Kaunas, in Lithuania. A master's degree in Fine Arts from the University of Michigan, and many years of study, make her one of the most interesting artists on the contemporary scene today. 
Her works, site specific installations that interact with the surrounding spaces, carry within their souls the idea of ​​transience and the passing of time, but also multiform dichotomies: light contrasting with weight, pride in opposition to resilience, chaos balanced by order. Always works with materials commonly used as wires, paper, stones, fire, water, manipulating their quality and obtaining results that tell this complex work of reworking.

Presented at Miniartextil Como in 2013 and 2015, for the new Villa Bernasconi Museum, the exhibition presents SKY WELL, a work created with silk organza, printed with the technique of cyanotipe, and resin. For its realization, Beili Liu was inspired by the river Black Bayou, a tributary of the Mississippi that crosses Texas and Louisiana. 

The blue color, the delicate suspension, the dreamy aquaticity: these are the characteristics of an installation that interacts perfectly with the exhibition space of Villa Bernasconi, a splendid Liberty residence in Cernobbio, a town overlooking one of the most beautiful stretches of water in the world. Como's lake. Water and silk are therefore the two fundamental elements of this new exhibition project signed ARTE & ARTE that wants to pay homage, with a work of contemporary fiber art, a new museum center, multimedia and rich in history.

After the successful exhibition project that featured IRIDESCENCE PRINT by Kholer & Gramazio, a technological sculpture created following the rigid canons of robotics, the work SKY WELL by Beili Liu will once again underline the close relationship between past and contemporary that the Museum of Villa Bernasconi holds in its very soul: fiber art will dialogue with the Liberty spaces of the museum, in a lucky union that speaks of history, but above all of the future.