Kai Gallery is now open!

Located at 78 Grand Street in New York City, KAI Gallery is committed to sharing the most innovative contemporary art coming out of China, along with global contemporary art that shows strong influence of Chinese culture and artistic practice. KAI Gallery views Chinese culture as a continuous source of inspiration that has influenced many contemporary artists who are in constant participation and interaction with China’s Arts community. Thus, KAI Gallery represents emerging artists who explore the notion of contemporary Chinese art from both within China and abroad.

FitzGerald Fine Arts was founded in 2007 with a curatorial focus on Chinese art examining more traditional mediums of the past, but re-imaging those mediums, techniques and motifs with contemporary aesthetics. In order to widen its examination of Chinese art, FitzGerald Fine Arts launched KAI Gallery in 2017 to showcase more experimental art from China, Asia and abroad, which includes a wider variety of mediums such as photography, film and installation works.
KAI Gallery participated in SCOPE Miami 2017 and Asia Week New York 2018, showcasing emerging and groundbreaking Chinese art. 

Kai Gallery 

78 Grand Street
New York, NY, 10013
+1 212 966 5754