Beili Liu
Rise & Fall Series, Wind Drawing (Panels 1 -3), 2016
Blown Sumi Ink on Stretched Canvas, 
Each: 92 x 57.5 inches (2.5" deep) 
Beili Liu
Rise & Fall Series, Wind Drawing (Panel 1), 2016
Blown Sumi Ink on Stretched Canvas, 
Each: 92 x 57.5 inches (2.5" deep) 
Beili Liu
Rise & Fall Series, Wind Drawing (Panel 2), 2016
Blown Sumi Ink on Stretched Canvas, 
Each: 92 x 57.5 inches (2.5" deep) 
Beili Liu
Rise & Fall Series, Wind Drawing (Panel 3), 2016
Blown Sumi Ink on Stretched Canvas, 
Each: 92 x 57.5 inches (2.5" deep) 


Beili Liu

Beili Liu is a visual artist who creates material-and-process-driven site-responsive

Installations and two-dimensional works, often times embodying transience, fragility, and the passage of time. Liu’s works are engaged with multifaceted dichotomies: lightness contrasted with heft; fierceness countered by resilience; and chaos balanced by quiet order. Working with commonplace materials and elements such as thread, scissors, paper, stone, fire, charcoal and water, Liu manipulates their intrinsic qualities to extrapolate complex cultural narratives. Janet Koplos spoke of Liu’s works as “materially simple but metaphorically rich” (Art in America Review, April 2009).

Beili Liu’s work has been exhibited in Asia, Europe and across the United States. She has held solo exhibitions at venues such as the Hå Gamle Prestegard, Norwegian National Art and Culture Center (2016, 2011), Hua Gallery, London, UK (2012), Galerie An Der Pinakothek Der Moderne, Munich, Germany (2011), Elisabeth de Brabant Art Center, Shanghai (2009), and the Chinese Culture Foundation, San Francisco (2015, 2008). Liu’s work has been showcased in group exhibitions at the National Museum for Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C. (2012), Hamburg Art Week, Germany (2012), the Kaunas Biennale, Lithuania (2011), the 23rd and 25th Miniartextil International Contemporary Fiber Art exhibitions in Como, Italy (2015, 2013), and the 2nd Hangzhou Fiber Art Triennial, China (2016), among many others.  Liu’s work has received critical reviews from publication including Art in America, Sacchi Review, UK, Helsinki Sanomat News, Finland, Morgenbladet, Norway, China Daily, Yishu, Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, Hamburg Abendblatt, Vita (Life) Magazine, Italy, ArtSlant, New York Times, San Francisco Examiner and LA Confidential.

Among her many honors, Liu was awarded the Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters and Sculptors Grant Award (2016) and was named a Texas State Three-Dimensional Artist of 2018.  She received support from a National Endowments for the Arts Grant for her residency and solo exhibition “Chine” at the Museum of Southeast Texas (Institutional Grantee, 2014). Beili Liu was the lead visual artist for a Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Artistic Innovation And Collaboration Grant supported public art project “Thirst” at the Lady Bird Lake in Austin Texas, (institutional grantee: Women and Their Work Gallery, 2013). She received a Distinction award at the Kaunas Biennial Lithuania (2011), and was honored by a San Francisco Major’s Award (2008) for her contribution to cultural exchange.

Born in Jilin, China, Beili Liu now lives and works in Austin, Texas. Liu received her M.F.A. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and is a Professor of Art at the University of Texas at Austin.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2016        Where the Winds are Gaining Speed, Hâ Gamle Prestegard, Norwegian National Contemporary Art Center, Hâ, Norway

2016        Thin Air, Wright Gallery, College of Architecture, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

2015        Sky Bridge, Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, curated by Abby Chen

2015        Stratus, Grace Museum, Abilene, TX

2014        Chine, The Art Museum of Southeast Texas, Beaumont, TX

2014        Yuan, University of Hawaii Gallery, University of Hawaii at Manoa

2013        Beili Liu: Process Drawings, Courtyard Gallery, University of Texas at Austin

2013        Amass, University Gallery, Texas State University, San Marcos

2012        Rise and Fall, HUA Gallery, London, UK

2012        Beili Liu: “Der rote Taum”, Hamburg Art Week, Emporio Quarter, Hamburg Germany

2012        Between Wind and Water, Vessel Galley, Oakland CA

2011        Installations & Wandarbeiten, Galerie An Der Pinakothek Der Moderne, Munich, Germany

2011        Recall, Hâ Gamle Prestegard, Norwegian National Contemporary Art Center, Hâ, Norway

2011        Drawn, Robert Hillestad Textiles Gallery, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

2011        Extent, Form/Space Atelier, Seattle

2011        The Mending Project, Women and their Work Gallery, Austin, TX

2010        Fray, Asia Unlimited Gallery, Berlin, Germanyu

2010        half empty.half full, Site-Specific Installations, Nordisk Kunst Platform Gallery, Brusand, Norway

2010        One, Another, Buffalo Arts Studio, Buffalo, New York

2009        Mapping Memories, Beili Liu and Takafumi Ide, (two persons exhibition), Castle Gallery, The College of New Rochelle, NY

2009        In between, Elisabeth De Brabant Art Center, Shanghai, China

2009        Bound, d Berman Gallery, Austin, TX

2009        Miasma, Three Walls Gallery, Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, San Antonio, TX

2009        Three Thousand Troubled Threads, Taryn Teresea Gallery, Los Angeles

2008        LURE / , Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco, Curated by Abby Chen

2008        LURE, Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, Michigan

2006        Recall (shadow), Gallery One, Ann Arbor, Michigan

2006        Recall (barn), A site-specific installation, Lloyd Hall Scholars Program, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2005        Breadth, A Site-Specific Installation, Lloyd Hall Scholars Program, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2004        The little House Stands on the Prairie, a site-specific installation, Art Farm, Nebraska

2004        Resurrection, Matrix Gallery, in collaboration with Mark Nelson, Ann Arbor, Michigan

2003        In-prints – Recent 2D work by Beili Liu, Center for the Education of Women, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2003        Fixtures, In collaboration with Kendall Babi, The Institute for the Humanities, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2002        Wayfinding, Michigan Guild Gallery, Ann Arbor, Michigan

2002        Solid State, Warren Robbins Gallery, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016        Asia-Europe III, International Fiber Art traveling exhibition, Deutsches Textilmuseum, Krefeld, Germany

2016        Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art, Zhejiang Art Museum, China

2015        Every One to the Table. (Recall/Como) Arte & Arte Foundation, Como, Italy, curated by Luciano Carame

2015        Needle Works, Goldsmith College, London, UK, curated by Xu Jia

2014        Inquiry, Visual Arts Center, University of Texas, Austin

2014        Art Silicon Valley Art San Francisco Contemporary Art Fair, Vessel Gallery, Oakland, CA 

2014        M&M: Material + Meditation, Vessel Gallery, New York, NY

2014        Confluence and Collision, Asian Cultural Center Manhattan Art Gallery, New York, NY

2014        Shades of Summer, Vessel Gallery, Oakland, CA

2014        EROS, (Lure/Montrouge), Musee de la Dentelle in Caudry, Montrouge, France

2013        EROS, (Lure/Como), 23rd International Exhibition of Contemporary Textile Art, Vila Olmo, Arte&Arte, Como, Italy, Curated by Luciano Caramel

2013        Across the Divide, traveling exhibition, Missouri State University Southwest, Oklahoma State University, and Oklahoma State University 

2013        POPIERUKAS 2013, Kaunas Photography Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania

2013        Artifact, Tiny Park Gallery, Austin, TX

2012        POST LINEAR, Shawn Camp, Beili Liu, and Sandra Pratt. Gallery Shoal Creek, Austin, TX

2012        High Fiber: Women to Watch, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C.

2012        ‘From Lausanne to Beijing’ The 7th International Fiber Art Biennale, Nantong, China

2012        Contemplative Ink, Asian Art Piers, New York, NY

2012        InterGalactic, Dunedin Fine Art Center, FL

2012        Quantified Self, Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, MI

2012        Woven Through Time, Vessel Gallery, Oakland, CA

2012        Texas Draws II, Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, TX

2012        Obsessive Worlds, Alexandria Museum of Art, LA

2012        Across the Divide, Visual Art Center, University of Texas at Austin

2011        Across the Divide, Corssman Gallery, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

2010        Combined, Visual Arts Center, University of Texas at Austin 2010

2010        Nature/Culture, Castle Gallery, New Rochelle, NY

2010        Unraveling Tradition, 516ARTS, Albuquerque, NM 87102

2010        Mind, Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, Michigan

2010        By a Thread, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art 

2009        IT IS BEAUTIFUL HERE, Granary Gallery, Fiskars, Finland

2009        IF/ELSE, Detroit Industrial Project, Detroit /mi

2009        A Strange Land, Creative Research Lab, Austin, TX

2009        The Storm Show, Work.Ann Arbor Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI

2008        San Francisco International Arts Festival

2008        11th Annual United States of Asian American Film Festival, Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center, San Francisc

2008        Ying-inspired by Chinese art and History, Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, California

2008        Aging with Attitude, Slusser Gallery, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2007        Earth World, Bu-Con, Russell Industrial Center, Detroit

2007        Turning Point, Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, Michigan

2007        Transparent, Granary Gallery, Onoma foundation of Finalnd, Fiskars, Finland

2007, Anton Art Center, Mount Clements, Michigan

2007        “Ay, madam, it is common.” Detroit Industrial Projects

2007        Water Media +m, curated by Maria Ruggiero, Riverside Art enter, Ypsilanti, Michigan

2006        12+12, Washington Street Gallery, Ann Arbor, Michigan

2006        Minimal and Maximum, Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, Michigan

2006        Just a squirrel, trying to find a nut, Forum Gallery, Cranbrook Academy of Art

2006        Adam and Eve, Holland Arts Council, Michigan, Creative Arts Center, Pontiac Michigan, Riverside Arts Center, Ypsilanti, Michigan

2005        Collaborators’ 2, Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, Michigan

2005        The Nature of Paper, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago

2005        Plexus, 4731 Gallery, Detroit

2004        Art Harvest, Art Farm, Marquette, Nebraska

2004        42nd Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival installations, Historical Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor

2003        Sound, Image, Story, Media Union Art Gallery, Ann Arbor, Michigan

2003        Above, Below, J.P.Slusser Gallery, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Selected Awards and Prizes

2017        Facebook Artist in Residence, Austin, TX

2016        Joan Mitchell Painters and Sculptors Award

2016        Summer Research Fellowship, University of Texas, Austin

2015        Research Grant, College of Fine Arts, University of Texas, Austin

2014        $10,000 to support “Beili Liu: Opposing Forces,” a site-specific installation and residency program

2014        Nominated Finalist, Texas State Artist, Texas Commission on the Arts 

2014        Special Research Grant, University of Texas, Austin

2014        Austin Critics Table Award: Public Art Project, Thirst

2013        Faculty Research Fellowship, University of Texas,

2013        Austin Critics Table Award, Out Standing Works of Art: Installation

2013        Lead visual artist, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Artistic Innovation And Collaboration Grant, In support of Thirst public art project, institutional grantee:                        Center of Women and Their Work, Austin TX

2012        Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award, University of Texas System

2011        Walter and Gina Ducloux Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin

2011        Distinction Award, Kaunas Biennial TEXTILE 11

2011        2011 Austin Critics Table Award: Outstanding Artist 

2011        2011 Austin Critics Table Award: Outstanding Works of Art: Installation 

2010        3rd Prize, ArtPRIZE 2010, Grand Rapids, MI

2010        Austin Critics Table Awards—Outstanding Solo Exhibition, Bound, D Berman Gallery

2009        Artist of the Year Award, Austin Museum of Art and Austin Visual Arts Association

2009        Artist Residency Fellowship, Fundación Valparaíso, Spain

2008        Ronald Colins Distinguished Faculty Award for Creative Activity, Eastern Michigan University

2008        Josephine Nevins Keal Fellowship, Eastern Michigan University

2007        Artist Residency Fellowship, Onoma Foundation Fiskars Artist Residency, Finland 

2007        Artistic Recognition Award, Eastern Michigan University

2007        Best of Show—75th Anniversary All-Media Exhibition, Detroit Artist Market

2007        Josephine Nevins Keal Fellowship, Eastern Michigan University

2006        Artist Residency Fellowship, Djerassi Foundation, CA 

2006        Efellows Award, Eastern Michigan University

2004        Artist Residency, Art Farm Artist residency, NE 

2002        Barbour Scholarship, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2002        Elsie Choy Lee Scholarship, Center for the Education of Women, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

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2003 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MFA, Mixed Media 
2001 University of Tennessee, Knoxville, BA, Magna Cum Laude, Graphic Design
1994 Shenzhen University, China, Assoc. BA, Chinese Literature and Communication