Min YiMing, Rule of Text, 2015, oil on canvas perforated with grommets, 78 1/2 x 109 1/2 inches (200 x 280 cm)



Min YiMing, How to Compose a Poem, 2015, oil on canvas perforated with grommets, 78 1/2 x 107 inches (200 x 270 cm)


Min YiMing, Nostalgic Seasons, 2015, oil on canvas perforated with grommets, 78 1/2 x 86 1/4 inches (200 x 220 cm)


Min YiMing, Elles, 2015, oil on canvas perforated with grommets, 78 1/2 x 80 inches (200 x 202 cm)



Born in June 1957 in Xi’an, China, graduated from Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. Now lives and works in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China. Min also serves as President of the Chinese Academy for Beaux-Arts and Territory Development for the City of Amoy and Director of the Academic Sculpture Society for the City of Amoy in Xiamen.


2014    Meiren Public Park Beaux-Art Price-Amoy Award for Excellence, Xiamen, China

2013    Competition Urban Sculptures for Art in Companies and Public Equipments

2013    “Dance in the Wind”, sculpture selected for the 1st International Sculpture Exhibition at Pingta

2013      “Aijing”, awarded at the Third International Competition Dedicated to Landscape and Environment Planning

2011      Named by UNO as one of the top 10 designers for a territory development project in South Taiwu, China

2010    “Sea-Music”, selected for the Amy Exhibition

2008    Jury member for the First City Architecture Competition-Amoy, Xiamen, China

2006    “The law is the law”, Gold Medal, 9th International Contemporary Art Fair, Beijing, China

2004    Third Price Borders - project with Belgian-Chinese artists

1999    First Price with Le banian-Jianbin public Garden, city of Fuzhou


2015    Therefore Protein studio, London, England

2014    Mention this moment, Espace Pierre Cardin Pairs, France

2013    759 Square Chi Hong Kong Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing, China

2009    Posture, Paragon International Center, Xiamen, China

2005    Deep Space, Nihao Art Gallery, Xiamen, China

2002    Urban Expression, Xiamen, China

1998    Square Continuous Exhibition, Mass Art Museum, Xi’an, China


2017    6th China-Korea-Japan-American Contemporary Art Exhibition, Yokohama Civil Gallery, Japan

2016    International Sculpture Exhibition Putian, China

2016    Fujian Nomination Exhibition of Sculpture Master Jimei Duishan Art District, Xiamen

2016    The London Art Fair, Islington Business Design Center, England

2015    China-Korea-Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan

2015      Retrace Maritime Silk Road China and Egypt Young College Students Exchange and Chinese Art Exhibition, China Soong Ching Ling Foundation & Cairo China Cultural Center.

2015    To-Sail in the Silk Road, Chinese Art Communicative Exhibition, China

2014    National Salon of Fine Arts, Carrousel de Louvre, France

2013    Flying Language, Chinese Sculpture almanac Exhibition, National Theatre, Beijing, China

2013    798 Art Festival, Dashanzi Art District, Beijing, China

2011    Chinese Sculpture Almanac Exhibition, Beijing, China

2011    Come-Across-Brothers and Us, Shangshang Art Gallery, Xiamen, China   

2011    Untitled, Three walking Men, Shangshang Art Gallery, Xiamen, China

2010    The First International Contemporary Art festival, Xiamen

2010    Chinese Sculpture almanac Exhibition, Beijing, China

2009    798 to Xiamen, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Xiamen

2009      Chinese Contemporary Art document Exhibition, Gehua Ticketmaster Gallery & Wall art Gallery, Beijing, China

2008    EM Art Gallery, Beijing, China

2008    No pain no gain, Times Space, Beijing, China

2007    The Second Session Songzhuang Art Festival, Sculpture Exhibition, Beijing, China

2007    Harmonious But Diverse, China Contemporary, Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China

2007    I carve therefore I am, the first session National Occupational Artists Exhibition, Sichuan, China

2007    Vast Sculpture, Shanghai Mart, China

2006    The Ninth Session Beijing International Art fair, China World trade Center, Beijing, China

2006    Art Beijing, Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

2006    The Second Session Songzhuang Art Festival, Sculpture Exhibition, Beijing

2006    Today Art Exhibition, China Art Museum, Beijing, China

2004    Huang Tian Hou Tu, Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, China millennium monument art museum in the world, Beijing, China