Gan Daofu, Untitled 2, 2012, Ink on Paper (Giclee Print), 32 x 32 inches, Edition of 3

Gan Daofu, Link Ⅰ, 2013, Porcelain Panel Painting, 16 x 20 inches, 41 x 51 cm


Gan Daofu, Opening and Closing, 2013, Porcelain Panel Painting, 26 x 47 inches, 65 x 120 cm


Gan Daofu, Untitled 1, 2012, Ink on Paper (Giclee Print), 32 x 32 inches, Edition of 3


Gan Daofu

Born in Quanjiao, Anhui province in 1960, Gan Daofu has emerged as a leading voice in the development of contemporary Chinese ceramics. Receiving his M.A. from the Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute, Daofu studied blue and white porcelain under its director Qin Xilin. Going on to found one of the first contemporary ceramicist associations in China – Ice Blue Art – Daofu has gained since a reputation as a pioneer in modern under glaze painting. Currently the Art Director of the Jingdezhen Academy of Blue and White porcelain and an instructor at the Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute, his works has been exhibited in solo and group exhibition throughout China. Lavishing rich washes of pigment upon traditional baluster, ‘champion’, and square vase format, Daofu exploits the splendor of Kangzi’s 17th century court to create a vivid modern dialogue

Grant Awards

2012        First Gaoling Cup International Ceramic Art Competition, Individuals Award

2009        Hangzhou Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Silver Prize

2008        2nd Biennial Exhibition of Chinese Emerging Ceramicists, Excellency Award

2008        “HuaYue” Cup Pottery Contest for Olympics Festivities, Bronze Award, Jiangxi Province

2008        Shanghai Art Expo “CHINA- CHINA”, Gold Prize


Solo Exhibitions

2006        Gan Daofu: Blue Roads Exhibition, Huangshan, Guiyuan

1999        Gan Daofu: Modern Ceramics, TaiMiao Palace, Beijing

1995        Gan Daofu: Solo Exhibition, JCI Art Gallery, Jingdezhen


Group Exhibitions

2016        Asia Week New York, Arader Gallery, New York, NY, USA

2015        SCOPE Miami Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

2015        New York Art, Antique, and Jewelry Show, New York, NY, USA

2015        Asian Art in London, London, UK

2015        Masterpiece London, Art Antiques, and Design, The Royal Hospital Chelsea, London, UK

2015        PAD Paris Art + Design, Paris, France

2015        Palm Beach art, Antique, and Jewelry Show, New York, NY, USA

2015        ZONA MACO Contemporary Art Fair, Mexico City, Mexico

2014        Haughton International Fair, London, UK

2012        The Fine Arts Academy: Forty Ceramic Artists Exhibition, Jangxi

2011        First Gaoling Cup International Ceramic Art Competition, Jingdezhen

2010        Shanghai Spring Art Expo, Shanghai

2009        Nominated Exhibition of Modern Pottery at Shanghai Art Expo, Shanghai

2009        Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Ceramic Art, Hangzhou

2009        Shanghai Spring Art Expo, Shanghai

2008        Exhibition of Chinese Modern Pottery, Hangzhou

2008        Invited Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics, Chengdu

2008        Nominated Exhibition of Ceramic Artists – CHINA at Shanghai Art expo, Shanghai

2008        International Exhibition of Ceramics: China, Japan, Korea, Shiwan, Guangdong

2007        International Exhibition of Ceramics at Mount Wuyi, Wui

2007        Nominated Exhibition of Modern Pottery at Shanghai Art Expo, Shanghai

2007         Exhibition of Modern Potter at Jingdezhen Pottery Expo, Jingdezhen

2007        Ceramic Arts Exhibition of the Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute, National Museum of Art China, Beijing

2007        Foshan International Exhibition of Potter, Foshan